Restaurants, confectioneries

Near the House of Aces apartments, there are countless catering establishments providing hot and fresh meals. So if you want to taste traditional dishes with a special taste, you only have to walk a few meters. The tourists’ favorite is the Aranyosi Dombi Udvarházban and the Kormorán restaurant, all of our guests receive 10% discount on cash payment. Near the Aranyosi Dombi Udvarház, the Sarokház Cukrászda offers award-winning ice creams and fresh artisan cakes for the lovely guests.

Lehetőségeink | Éttermek, Cukrászdák
Lehetőségeink | Tisza-tavi Ökocentrum

Tisza-tavi Ökocentrum

The most well-know and famouse sights of Poroszló, the Tisza Lake Ecocenter entertains its guests with diverse programs every day of the year. The Ecocentrum is a great place for everyone, regardless of age. The 2600 square meter building offers a glimpse into the fascinating wildlife of Lake Tisza, where all our senses play a big role since it is highly interactive. Discounted organization of group tickets, guided tours on request.

Cinema of Poroszló

The Tisza Lake Ecocenter turns into a traditional cinema on weekends and holidays. The cinema offers 2D and 3D feature films and animated films, according to a predesigned guide. The 50-seat family cinema with 3D projection room, XPAND active goggles and 5.1 sound system is guaranteed.

Lehetőségeink | Eger és környéke

Eger and nearby

Just 47 km from Poroszló, Eger offers a unique atmosphere in a small town. It is an ideal place for sightseeing as you can visit magical places such as Dobó István Square, Szépasszonyvölgy and Eger Castle. The castle is a must-see place for history and wine lovers.

Located between Eger and Poroszló, Demjén is the largest cave spa in Central Europe. The mysterious sight of the 760 meter cave system was inspired by the Avatar movie. The outdoor hot pools of the spa are also open in the evening, a symbol of romance and fun at night.


The Hortobágy wilderness is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. Hortobágy merges with the concept of tranquility and purity. A place where that time stopped. Taste the custom, safari through the fairy tale landscape, and experience the true peasant world’s romance! This place is for you if you want to run away from the noise of a big city and want to see and feel something you have never seen before. Hortobágy exudes a very special atmosphere, experience it too!

Lehetőségeink | Hortobágy


For visitors planning a hiking trip in the area, there is no better destination than Szilvásvárad with its unique veil waterfall, combined with the natural beauty of the Szalajka Valley. It is worth completing the tour with a small train from Szilvásvárad, which will give the passengers an unforgettable experience, with an unusual view, a zig-zag path and fresh mountain air.

There is always something to do in Poroszló, we await our guests with lots of programs in winter and summer! Each season has its own charm, Poroszló always turns into what we desire. Try hot summer spas, fall fishing, or winter skating. Everything here is about you! Sign up now! Book directly with us and get 1 point for every 10 nights spent and get a 2 night stay for free. Points can also be combined with family members!